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The Cool Code 2022

In this funny and heartfelt slice-of-life graphic novel for fans of Raina Telgemeier and Kayla Miller, when coding whiz Zoey goes from homeschooled to new school, she develops an app to help her make friends. Will the Cool Code help Zoey fit in? Or will it completely crash her social life?

In an attempt to fit in, Zoey develops an app called the Cool Code with a cute llama avatar that will tell her everything from what to say to what to wear based on pop culture algorithms she’s uploaded.

But when the app gives her ridiculous advice, awkwardness and hilarity ensues. With a few upgrades and a bit of debugging from the coding club, the app actually works—Zoey gets really popular . . . and gets her pulled in all kinds of directions, including away from her real friends.

Life’s most complicated choices. . . is there a code for that?

 HarperCollins Publishers

Praise for The Cool Code

"Mai's bright, full-color art is reminiscent of Raina Telgemeier's and should instantly appeal to her fans"

Kirkus Reviews

"A humorous exploration of cracking the middle school social code for anyone craving more personified snarky llamas in their lives."

School Library Journal

"Mai's full-color artwork is inviting and cartoony, complete with noodle arms and exaggerated eyes, but the app avatar C.C., a pink llama, is simply adorable and certainly the star of the show. An easy and engaging pick for STEM-loving middle-graders."


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