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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Wow, so I haven't written since February on this blog- which is not saying I haven't written at all since then. I actually have been doing a lot of writing, but all of which is for work or school. All very exciting stuff to read about, here on my personal page, where I can write anything I want to.

Moving on from the boring stuff, I feel I should update on the cool stuff I have been up to! For the past month, I have been working as the Marketing and PR gal for a great organization here in London called Creative Nature HQ. I have been able to flex a lot of my creative muscles, from writing, to photography, to illustration, to web design by working with them. It all feels like stuff I can see myself wanting to do in the future, which feels really great to gain some real experience in a field I like. CNHQ (as I will abbreviate it) leads workshops in wood carving, spoon making, and willow weaving with a focus on the wellbeing benefits and sustainability. I really dig it, and am sad to be leaving so soon after starting.

As well, I have traveled to a few amazing places over the past few months! First, I went to Bangor and Llangefni, Wales, which closely resembles Narnia and is where I would like to spend the rest of my days. After, I went to Cinque Terre, Italy with my partner for a little under a week, which was incredible and included a lot of cheese eating and hiking, sometimes at the same time. I later went to Copenhagen, Denmark, which is an amazingly quiet and lovely city with the strangest grocery stores ever. Basically, none of them are organized at all, and feel like liquor stores with some food. I also learned that Danes love pork, as it is one of their main exports. As a pork hater, I unfortunately skipped this part, and ate some of the other main foods, all of which include lots of carbs and sugar. I didn't mind. From there, we hopped on a train over to Malmö, Sweden, where a bus took us past a real Swedish IKEA, which made me laugh. We stayed in a small town near the beach and did a lot of eating and walking, two of my favorite things to do!

The drawing I have been doing has been pretty frequent but never feels like enough. I mostly have been drawing noodly looking ladies with wiggly arms and silly haircuts. My style has become much more loose since I've been here, which I don't mind. I think it's good to change it up every once in a while, and this is a good direction for me to move in since my work tends to get really stiff once I'm too comfortable with a style. Otherwise, I've been writing and drawing for my program's blog, which you can read here if you want! It's mostly about study abroad things, but it is nice practice to draw things that are based on text since I usually just draw whatever I want. And since I'm the author, it's even better!

Thats all I have for now since I have to move on to other things tonight, but there is certainly more to come! Au revior!

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