ʟɪғᴇ ɪɴ ʟᴏɴᴅᴏɴ

Well, its official! I've been settled in here for a few days short of a month now and the weeks have been speeding by at a somewhat alarming pace. First, I should mention that I absolutely love it here. I feel like I have always been excited by city life, despite my attraction to sprawling rural backdrops, and it has not disappointed me yet. There is not much I miss about 'the states' currently (sorry, so pretentious) besides the people of course since there are so many things to distract my gnawing cravings for some Culver's. And since the Midwest is legitimately colder than Antartica this week, I haven't had the burning passion to take a flight back yet, which I anticipate will happen once we're closer to spring.

Before I left, I happened to watch the ever-entertaining 2005 Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly, which may or may not have ignited my passion for all things British back when I was a wee gal. In the film, Lizzie's sister travels to the city for a time and comments later that "London is so diverting." While I laughed at the line before, I have to say she's not entirely wrong. There is just so so much to do here, and so so much to see. Although I've checked off lots of the main sights already, like the London Eye, Stonehenge, and Big Ben (which is currently covered by scaffolding), there seems to be an endless stream of new things to go experience.

Dodo sketch from the Natural History Museum

And while my wallet and I cry at some of the expenses of city life, there are also an incredible amount of free things to experience! Almost every museum in the city has free admission (woohoo!) and since I live absurdly close to the Victoria and Albert Museum and Natural History Museum, I've been popping in to hang out and sketch for a minute before zooming off to whatever is next in my day. That has definitely been one of my favorite things about being here since I am such a fan of a museum day when its raining (which is very often here.)

Daily life here has been fairly easy to get used to as well. The only thing that I haven't quite adjusted to here is that there is so much dairy and it is so good (not very good for lactose intolerant folks like myself.) I just like a scone with cream and jam too much to pass it up when the occasion arises, which leaves me and my stomach feeling like garbage for a few hours. Honestly, its worth it. The food here is very good, despite jokes about British cuisine being trash. It's true that most of the classic foods here are some shade of beige (pasties, pies, potatoes, fried fish, biscuits, etc) but the beige food here is pretty tasty in my opinion. One of my favorite warm dishes has been the chicken and vegetable pies, which are essentially just meat, cream, butter, and carbs, but that will fill you up for the whole day and keep you toasty when its cold and rainy. They definitely got that dish right! And for a little treat, a digestive cookie (I like the ones with chocolate chips the most) are just the right thing to hit the spot.

I'm hoping to update this blog a bit more as I go along, but I am also writing for my travel abroad program's blog! If you're interested in reading that, you can find it here. I am mostly writing about things related to student life in the city, but there will be fun illustrations, photos, and updates available for your reading pleasure if that sounds interesting- best wishes! xx

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